Each parent has an obligation to provide their child with adequate financial support.  Unlike custody where the court has discretion to make decisions about who gets the child, there is substantially less wiggle room in calculating child support.   The reason for this is the statute requires a uniform calculation be applied to all cases.  

Generally, child support is determined by taking into account the custody arrangment, income levels and the number of children to be supported.  There are a number of technical differences in determining what is included as income and what deductions are applied to determine the exact amount of child support a parent will pay each month.  After support is calculated, the cost of medical insurance will be applied to child support depending on our situation. 

A parent's employment or financial circumstance may change over time and it may be necessary for a parent to request to modify a child support order. To modify a child support order, you must prove that there has been a change in circumstances, either in the amount of child support ordered or in the custody arrangement itself.  Typically, parent's request to modify child support because one parent receives a promotion at work or lost their job.  

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